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Related article: Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 19:24:39 -0700 (PDT) From: woody smith Subject: after gym class ch 02After Gym Class (Part II)Copyright 2008 by Woody----------In our heroine's previous adventure, Candy learned of Sara's "special secret" as they showered after working out. Although it was a shock, Candy quickly enjoyed all that Sara had. As they were exploring each other, however, the football coach, Jason, walked in to lock up, and saw what was happening. He joined the action, and all three enjoyed each other's special assets. Candy had just captured a face load from both hard cocks.-----------My kiss with Sara went on for what seemed like eternity. Our tongues danced together, with her tasting both her and Jason's salty cum on my lips and mouth. Our bodies were tight together, with her hands tightly around my waist, and both my hands on her soft, smooth ass cheeks, squeezing her softly.When we came up for air, Jason was dressed. "Come on ladies, I really do have to lock up," he said sheepishly. "Time for you to go home. Now, not a word of this gets out, got it?""Yes, coach," I said. Sara nodded her head.I would have liked to get back in the shower with Sara, but we just toweled off and went back to our lockers, quickly dressing. We shot glances at each other, giggling and batting eyelashes from across the locker room. She was finished first, and came over to me as I was stuffing my wet gym clothes and towel into my bag."So, now what?" Her sultry voice was so sexy."I know what I want," I replied.She smiled and we touched arms as we walked out together. Jason gave us a wink as we exited, and he locked the door behind us."My parents are at the lake this weekend," I said to Sara. "I was going to go up tonight, but maybe we could hang together for a bit.""Won't they be expecting you?""They think I'll be with Josh anyway. I'll just call them and tell them I'll be hanging out here tonight. Maybe you want to come up this weekend? It's really nice there.""Sounds awesome," Sara smiled. "But what would we do tonight?"God, her voice was enough to get me wet. "Follow me," I said, with the naughtiest smile I could muster.We each drove our own cars out of the parking lot. I checked the rear view mirror often to make sure I didn't lose Sara in traffic. Every time I looked, I saw her smiling face. I was getting wetter. I couldn't get that episode out of my mind. I wondered about where this was Lolitas Cp going, aside from the great sex. A girl with a cock? What the hell was that about? Could this ever be a relationship? She was so sweet. And an awesome kisser! And that cock! Damn! I needed to feel that again.She pulled in the driveway behind me, and I waited for her to get out of her car. Her blonde hair was curly now, still wet from the shower. I realized I probably looked like a drowned rat myself, but she looked beautiful. Her lips were full and red, her blue eyes twinkling. Her arms reached out to me and we embraced right there. Mmmm, she felt good. I gave her a quick kiss and we walked around to the back door."Oh wow, you have a Jacuzzi hot tub?" Sara exclaimed, as she noticed the gazebo in the back yard. It was an all-wood enclosure with sliding opaque doors on the edge of our large patio."I hardly ever use it," I said. My older brother always had friends over, and I wasn't all that interested in sharing it with them. This was his first year away at college, so it mostly sat unused these days."Wow, I'd be in it all I could," Sara said. "I Lolitas Cp just love water."I giggled. "Yeah, I'm starting to like showers a whole lot more."We both laughed and went inside. I could feel Sara's eyes on my body as I walked into the kitchen. I picked up an apple. "Care for a bite?" I smiled."Baby, I want to eat the whole thing!" she was ogling my body, and I loved it. I was even wetter now. I leaned against the kitchen island as she walked slowly toward me, her eyes roving over my breasts, down to my legs, my stomach, then back to my eyes. She pressed her body against me, and we kissed again. I let her pull me closer to her. I could feel her breasts against mine, her hips pressing into mine as well. Her hands rose up the side of my body, across my shoulders, and her hands caressed my face, upturned to hers. Our kiss was growing more passionate, tongues entwined. I broke away reluctantly."Let's go upstairs," I breathed, and I took her hand and we walked upstairs to my bedroom. It was messy, as usual, so I quickly cleared off the stuffed animals and clothes from the bed. She sat down next to me on the mattress, her eyes focused on me, ignoring my posters and various knick knacks scattered around the room."Candy, you are so beautiful," Sara moaned as we kissed again. Her hand moved to caress my breasts and I let out a moan."I want you now," I breathed heavily. "I need to feel your body on mine."We fumbled with each other's jeans, both of us wearing button fly. Finally I stood up and undid my own. Sara laughed and did the same. I pulled her shirt over her head as she stepped out of her jeans. Then I pulled my own shirt off, and undid my bra. I couldn't wait any longer. As I threw it to the ground, I saw how hard my nipples were. Sara and I stood, facing each other, in our panties. Mine were soaked between my legs, and I saw a spot on the front of her bulge from her own wetness. I reached for her, caressing it in my hand, feeling her growing thicker and harder with my touch.As she moved closer to me, her hand caressed my mound as well. Her fingers played between my legs. "Oh my, you are ready, aren't you? You naughty girl!" She had such a sexy smile. Turning me so my back was to the bed, she gently pushed me down on it. I laid back, my legs over the side of the edge, my feet barely touching the floor. Sara grasped the waistline of my panties, and pulled them down my legs. My bare pussy was exposed to her. She gently spread my knees apart, and moved closer to me, standing over me. She leaned down to kiss me, her lips trailing down my neck and coming to rest on my hard nipple. She took it into her warm mouth, her tongue circling it. She sucked my breast into her mouth, and I moaned loudly. Her soft mouth felt so amazing on me. Her hand was between my legs, her middle finger between my wet lips. I wanted her inside me so badly, but I was enjoying her touches so much as well.Her mouth came off my breast with a Lolitas Cp sucking sound, and she stood back up. As I watched, the blonde slowly peeled off her panties, her long thin cock springing out as she stepped out of them. I was in awe of her body. She was shapely, not a thin girl, but had beautiful curves. Her breasts were perky, her pink nipples very hard now. She stepped back closer to me, moving between my open legs. She caressed my thighs, moving her hands down Lolitas Cp underneath them, bringing my knees up. My feet were now on the edge of the bed, legs wide open for her. She grasped my hips and slid me closer to her. Her cock now rested on my bare mound. I reached down to touch it."Mmm, this is what I've been waiting for," I moaned. I caressed the head of her cock, letting my thumb slide under it, giving it a slow, steady stroke.Sara withdrew a bit, and rested her penis head against my soaked slit. I could feel her pressing the head into my sensitive clit, then sliding it down and back up again, coating her cock with my wet juices."You really want it now?" her low, sexy voice teased."Yes, fuck me please!" I almost shouted. I wanted it, needed it.She slid herself into me slowly. There was little resistance because of my lubrication. She also wasn't very thick, so her cock entered me with ease. I loved the feeling when I am just being entered, pushing between my inner lips. Of course, my experience with Josh wasn't all that great, since he didn't know how to take his time. Sara, on the other hand, knew when I was ready, and was I ever! She pushed inside me until I felt her waxed pubic area come in contact with my clit. It was amazing. I was being fucked by a beautiful girl. With a cock. It felt so good. Sara reached up to caress my tits while she began to pull back, then pushed inside again. Slowly, then building momentum, she fucked me with her cock. Soon she was pounding me hard. Each thrust sent a shiver of pleasure up my spine. Her fingers tweaked my nipples at the same time, adding to my excitement. We moved together for what seemed like a half hour, but I'm sure it wasn't that long. She alternated her speed, sometimes agonizingly slow, making me beg for more, sometimes going hard and fast, making me moan loudly."Candy, I want to cum on your beautiful pussy," Sara moaned.I was too far gone to argue, not that I would have. Her pounding into my clit with her cock, filling my pussy brought my orgasm to the brink. I shook with pleasure as I moaned. The slurping of our genitalia together was an indication of my wetness and excitement."Ohhhh," Sara screamed, and pulled out of me. She held her cock in her hand, pressing against my smooth mound. I looked down to see her cum shoot out forcefully, landing in a glob just under my breast. Another several pulses landed on my belly and on my mound. That vision just heightened my orgasm as I convulsed with pleasure.After a minute or so, our eyes met. The look of pleasure on both our faces must have been similar. Sara collapsed on top of me, kissing me softly, our bodies together. She then rolled off onto her back. We quickly moved all the way onto the bed, lying side by side, trying to catch our breath."That was incredible," is all I managed to say. I was still breathing heavily."Fuck yes," was her breathless reply. We both giggled.I moved to my side next to her, and leaned up on my elbow, my free hand running up and down her body. I lightly caressed her breasts, moving over her flat stomach, sliding down to her thigh. Her body felt so good. I saw her penis was now flaccid. I played a little with her balls, lightly stroking them with my fingers, running them over her penis. Even soft, it felt so good to touch.Sara's hand touched my face. I leaned in to kiss her again. Suddenly she slapped my ass hard."Ouch!" I squealed.We both laughed, and I jumped on top of her, pinning her to the bed, my legs on either side of her."I'm hungry," I said, as I felt my stomach growl.========================Please rate and leave a public comment on this story, then let me know if you'd like a chapter 3!
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